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Basic Botanical Painting

Learn the fundamentals of botanical painting in watercolor. Small classes mean we cover what you would like to learn. This two-day session will include an introduction to necessary supplies, drawing, and painting techniques, beginning color mixing, brush strokes and step-by-step painting instructions. This is an opportunity to learn the techniques required to begin painting botanical subjects. For detailed information, see steps. See Calendar

Other Possible Workshop Topics

Discovering Color

This is for the botanical painter who now has the necessary paint box full of tubes or pans of color and would like to know how to better use it. We will create color charts for your paint box as well as explore mixing colors so that you will end up with useful grids you can refer to in all your future painting. You will leave with a better understanding of the range of colors you can produce and some of their properties.

Painting White Flowers

How do you manage to paint a white flower on white paper without making it gray? Learn the method behind making your white flowers or fruit glow from the paper. This is for students who have some prior experience painting.

Painting Roses

Suitable for those who have made a start in botanical painting this workshop covers the secrets of painting the rose. Leaves, thorns, complex petals and buds are explained in a step by step technique. Roses will be provided unless there is a special one from your garden you would like to capture.

Understanding and Reproducing Complex Botanical Subjects

Have you tried to draw an ear of corn, or a pine cone and concluded it was just too difficult. It turns out there are patterns in nature based on the Fibonacci series that will help you understand and organize these subjects so they become much more approachable. We will spend the time analyzing several structures and then using these designs to create the beginnings of a final painting.

Painting Leaves

They are as varied as snowflakes it seems, and they require a few techniques to paint their surfaces as well as getting the colors exact. Create leaves that stand out of the page. Some previous painting experience is recommended.

Painting Fruits

This course is suitable for beginners where we will use a step-by-step method to create three dimensional fruit shapes.

Private Tuition

I can work with an individual or a small group and tailor an approach for your needs.

If the workshop is to be held at a location other than my studio, travel and accommodation would be charged as necessary. Please contact me for availability.