Tracing Frame


Improve your technique with the Tracing Frame, a simple tool that helps you outline an object. A blank piece of paper is often an overwhelming place to start for an artist. Using the Tracing Frame, the artist can capture an outline easily to use as a reference or starting point for a detailed drawing.

The Tracing Frame takes out all the measuring and frustration that perspective and foreshortening can cause by forcing the users to draw what is actually there in front of them.

Made out of lightweight molded plastic the Tracing Frame can be used repeatedly to capture a subject’s outline.

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Steps for Using the Tracing Frame

Step 1: Place the object behind the frame choosing the size and perspective you want. Closing one eye trace the object using a water-soluble marker.

Step 2: With a piece of tracing paper on top of the frame, using the outline you just made, draw the object in detail.

Step 3: Wash the Tracing Frame with water and a soft cloth when finished.