Black Hawthorn


Black Hawthorn

This edition is limited to 20 prints.
Printed onto paper size: 6″ x 8”

If you would like the print stretched or framed please email Jeanne for a quote.

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Black Hawthorn, Crataegus douglasii, is native to the Pacific Northwest. Also known as Douglas’ thornapple named after David Douglas, who collected seeds and brought them to the United Kingdom.  It prefers moist sites along streams and other full sun open areas.  The white flowers have greenish centers and grow at the end of the branches.  The fruit is a pome that contains seeds that darkens from bright red to deep purple and black.  Quail, ring-necked pheasant, and bears feed on the berries and it is a larval host to several butterflies including mourning cloak, gray hairsteak and swallowtail sp.  The fruits were a food source for Native Americans.