Colorado Blue Columbine


Colorado Blue Columbine

This edition is limited to 50 prints.
Printed onto paper size: 17″ x 14”

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Colorado Blue Columbine, Aquilegia coerula, is a species of flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. It is native to the Rocky Mountains including southeastern Idaho, southern Montana, Wyoming, northern New Mexico, and Utah, and is the state flower of Colorado.
It is a herbaceous perennial plant often found at high elevations and grows up to 2 feet tall, with flowers produced from a short apical meristem. The flowers of the species coerulea are pale blue and white. Five long spurs hang below the calyx and contain nectar at their tips, accessible only to hawkmoths. In addition to hawkmoths, pollinators for this flower include bumblebees, solitary bees and syrphid flies. Moist woods and open mountain meadows are among its most common native habitats.
Commonly sold as seeds, Colorado Blue Columbine as well as other species of Columbine make a beautiful addition to cultivated gardens.