Arrowleaf Balsamroot


Arrowleaf Balsamroot

These cards are blank on the inside and measure 5”x 7”.

Premium cardstock, together with an envelope, and in individual protective cellophane bags.

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  • BLANK NOTECARDS: These cards are great for any occasion: birthdays, thank yous, sympathy, or just saying hello.
  • UNIQUE ORIGINAL DESIGN: The perfect way to personalize your handwritten messages. Recipients are sure to be grateful for you going the extra mile with these cards! They also make an excellent gift for someone special.
  • QUALITY: These cards are printed on durable card stock, so friends and relatives can save your meaningful messages.
  • DOUBLES AS DECOR: Notecards work wonderfully as miniature art pieces to display on the desk or bulletin board.

Arrowleaf Balsamroot – Balsamorhiza sagittata is a member of the sunflower family and is common in cold, dry areas of the West. It may be found in mountain fields, along rivers and in the understory of conifer forests. It can be seen from May to July.
It has beautiful, bright yellow flowers: in fact, another common name for it is “Oregon sunflower”. Like the rest of the sunflower family, its “flowers” are inflorescences composed of numerous tiny flowers. Each petal is a single complete ray flower bearing one enormous petal and in the center are the complete tiny disc flowers. The leaves are arrow shaped, triangular and pointed.
A large, deep, thick deep taproot completes the name. The balsam portion of the name refers to a resin in the root.
Nearly all parts of this plant were used as food by Native Americans. Balsamroot seeds are nutritious and oil-rich while the immature flower stems could be peeled and eaten. The roots also could be steamed and eaten and could be used as a coffee substitute. The plant also had medicinal uses.