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All these acorns were found on Bow Beach on the Rogue River one September.

Clockwise from the top:  Brewer’s Oak, Querqus garryana var breweri is a deciduous shrub growing to about 15′ in height.  It is a close relative, to Oregon oak.  Acorns can be ¾ to 1” long, with a shallow cup maturing the first autumn.

California Black Oak, Quercus kelloggii grows from 30 to 80 feet tall but can grow in shrubby scrub-oak form on poor sites.  The acorns are 1 to 2 ½” long, reddish brown with a deep cap covering about half the nut and requiring 2 seasons to mature.  California black oak can live up to 500 years of age.

Huckleberry Oak, Quercus vacciniifolia is a shrubby evergreen, which generally grows less than 5’ tall and spreads horizontally, never becoming a tree.  Acorns are small, about ½” and mature in 2 years.

Canyon Live Oak, Quercus chrysolepis, is a species of evergreen oak that is found in the western United States.  It can grow up to a 100’ tall and is often found in a shrubby growth form. The leathery leaves are a glossy dark green above, with a dull golden down underneath and are 1 to 3” in length.   Acorns occur solitarily or in pairs, and are 1 to 2” long, with a shallow, thick cup of scales covered with yellowish hairs.